Sunday, July 22, 2012

My table/desk project

    Hello! :)
   As I mentioned in my last post, yesterday I got this table/ desk from a thrift store and I wanted to restore it and make it new again! So here is me simply showing you how I did that :)
   So ya. It started out just plain ugly. It is actually a desk but the drawer was missing so I am simply planning on using the back as the front and just live without having a drawer. But ya. It was full of dirt and stains and three coats of paint. But for 6 euros I figured it would give me something to work on.
   My dad so kindly helped me with the majority of removing the paint. Which was pretty time consuming.
   Then after I washed it really well and then gave it two coats of a stain we had left from another project!
And that's it!

I'm not quite sure exactly how I will use it in my room but I'll figure out something! I placed the two canvases on it to give it some color along with the vases I bought yesterday. I'd like to get a cute little chair to use with it so it can be a little desk area. But for 6 euros I'm pretty pleased!


  1. Abigail, I love the table you redid. I have a similar table I found at a yard sale and it's in my kitchen... I love vintage stuff too. Great find!!!

    1. Thanks! And that's cool, I feel like it is more interesting and original than just a plain table :)


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