Thursday, July 12, 2012

diy super easy flowy shorts

   Gahh I have to say I am pretty excited about this post! I have attempted and failed more than just a few times at making shorts. But I started recently, whenever I decide to make something, (since I don't know how to follow patterns) to write/draw out a plan and basically just think through every step before I start. This way, I end up having a lot less unfinished projects and wasted fabric. So these are the first pair of shorts I have tried to make with this strategy and they are also the first ones to actually work out! :) So ya I am pretty happy.
   They are really really easy in my opinion. To me the worst part was just the measurements. I spent one afternoon on them in all. But that is including planning them out (which takes me a really long time haha) and also taking them in when I made them way too large. I am guessing for someone to just follow the tutorial it would take even less time!
   So here it is! Hope you try it out :)

   You'll need...
     - enough elastic to go around your waist
     -a lightweight, flowy fabric
     -other shorts as a guide. (you won't cut them or anything!)

   Firstly, find out your three measurements. I'll write mine in as an example to help you guys follow along better.
 #1. Measure from your crotch (is there a nicer word out there for that?? I would love to learn it.) to the smallest part of your waist. Add 2 in.  
When I measured, I gave it a little extra cause I wanted them to fall a little low and be pretty baggy. so 16+2=18           
                            Measurement #1 = 18 in.
#2. For this part, it is easiest if you take your fabric, place one end on your belly button and the other on the middle of your back. You're trying to see how baggy or flowy you want your shorts. (Refer to picture on the left.) So just give n' take and see what you like. *Remember it is for HALF of the shorts. Not all around your waist. 
To give you an idea of the proportions... Half of my waist in diameter (from belly button to middle of back) is 12.25. I originally did 32 in. as my over all decided figure. Which I later found was wayyy too big.. I didn't spend much time on this step :/ I think 24 or so may have been better... But I'll still use the original number as the example.            Measurement #2 = 32 in.  
#3. Measure from your crotch to where you want your shorts to end on your leg. Add 0.5 in.
6=0.5=6.5          Measurement #3 = 6.5 in.

Now let's start!

 1.Take your measurement #2 and divide it in half. Fold your fabric over like in the picture so it is at the length of your measurement. 
2. Add about 3 inches or so. You'll see why in the next pic. 
 Soo this is a bit confusing :/ Please do ask questions if you don't understand.
3. The picture really explains how to place the shorts better than I can in a written explanation. It lines up with the edge you made from the first picture. And it goes as low as your measurement #1. 
(*The measuring tape is along the cut edge. Just to make sure you see the shorts aren't just randomly placed.)
4. Start from the top of the crotch and measure down until it is as long as your measurement #3. Mark this all the way down with chalk or pins. 
5. Now cut!
6. And repeat for the other side. I simply just placed the piece I just did onto more fabric and cut around it to avoid all the measuring again.
 7. Align the two pieces of fabric together one on top of the other with the good sides in. Now, for the pink lines, sew the front piece to the back piece. For the yellow, if you don't understand how I explained in the picture, open up the shorts. You should be able to easily see how they will be shaped and the pieces you need to sew together will be evident. If not, look at the next picture. 
 8. Now, Take the waist and fold it inside about two to three inches. Make sure your elastic will fit inside. The picture shows where to sew! Just do that all around the waist. (Without your elastic inside.)
 9. Now open up the seam like in the picture. 
10. Then take your elastic, connect it to a safety pin if you need to, and run it along inside until you have both ends coming out the hole. 
 11. Sew the elastic together well. 
12. And then just hand stitch the hole closed or you can easily use your machine to just go over that part again. (Try not to sew any part of the elastic to the pants. It will mess with the bunching.)

   And now all you have to do is hem the leg holes! I originally planned on just hemming them normally but as I was trying to choose a length, I decided I actually liked the messy, rolled up look. For that I simply pinned it on the sides, front and back and then went with a thread and needle and made a few little knots where the pins where. I'm sure I will have to go back though and redo it every now and then cause it isn't the strongest way to hold it together.
   Oh and for the belt! All I did was lay two pieces of long fabric together, draw out the shape of the belt with chalk, pin it all together and then sew along the lines leaving a little gap to turn it right-side-out. And lastly I turned it right-side-out and then hand-stitched the hole closed! 

I hope it wasn't too confusing! If you have any questions at all feel free to ask!
Thanks for reading :) 


  1. Better word for crotch? = inseam. :) Great blog post, sweetheart! Proud of you!!! Mommy

    1. Would have loved to know that before I used it a million times in this post haha but thanks!

  2. guys are awesome! This was so cute!! I also wanted to note that I loved the clutch you have!!

    1. Thank you! My grandmother actually gave it to me when I was too young to appreciate it and I recently rediscovered it! :)

  3. A W E S O M E!!!Thank you soooooooooooooo much for inspiration!!!!i was looking for a way to make a new short!!!
    super idea!!!BRAVO!!

  4. How did you do measurement #2 I'm a little confused. Also how did you do step #1 and step #2? I can't tell how you folded the fabric.

    Sorry I may be asking a couple of questions. I have been looking for shorts like these and I haven't had any luck finding any. Then I ran into this so I have decided to just make them.(:

    1. It's no problem at all! :)
      Measurement 2 is pretty much just a guessing game.. Basically you're just trying to see how baggy you want them to be but simply around half of your waist/hip. Since you'll be sewing two pieces together. So I just took all my fabric and basically placed it onto the middle of my stomach and around the other side to the half of my back. Then let go (assuming you have too much fabric) of some of the fabric until you have your desired baggyness/flowyness. Sorry, this still might be confusing! I think I will try to take a picture or two for this one to help explain a little asap. But also, if it ends up too big, you can always take them in on the sides. That's what I had to do after.
      For step 1 and 2.. Ok so the left edge in the picture for this step is folded over and still connected. Where the blue arrow is, is where the fabric needs to be cut actually. So divide the measurement in half, and add 3-ish inches. Then fold it so the top edge of fabric is as long (left to right in the pic) as your measurement. And that is where you cut (again, the blue arrow in the pic for me).
      Gahh so confusing! For now I hope this helped but if you are still totally lost, I will try to post pictures or videos on Monday to help clarify.

    2. Okay I think I get it. Thank You for your help!

  5. Hi! I've given you some link love at, since your DIY was one of my Top 10 DIYs from other bloggers :) these shorts are so cute and you look adorable!


  6. Cuuute shorts, I love the colour. Yeah shorts can be a bit tricky, mainly getting the fit right. At least these ones aren't tight or too fitted, it makes it a bit easier. You did such a great job though :)

  7. Really really love this, I'm sure I will give it a try soon :)

  8. What fabric did you use?

  9. I like you're title "Much more than the birds"! I was so confused and then I saw the bible verse and I get it :) These shorts look great and I want to try making them!

  10. I'm really confused about steps 3-6...what's the random dotted line in the photo for step 3? the one without a label? and are we cutting 2 parts or folding it in half and cutting 1?


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