Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trying Etsy?

  If you guys wanna support me, a great way to do it would be to spread the word of my new etsy shop :)
Still not sure about it so we'll see how long it lasts! :p Right now I only have two items on it. Hopefully I'll be adding more soon. Here are the two items I'm selling at the moment!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hemming your jeans while keeping original hem!

   Hey everybody! I'm back! Well sort of.. I would love to be but I'm still not sure as to how often I will be able to post :( But me and family are back in Texas! We are renting a house for now, we have cars for my parents, my dad is back at his old job,  me and my sister have been in school.. Things are going pretty well! Anddd I have my first job! I am very excited! I am starting at Spring Creek sometime this week :) Which brings me to this tutorial! I bought a pair of  jeans for me to wear to work but because  of my short self, they were in desperate need of hemming. So I hemmed them and thought I would make a tutorial of it in the process! I know there are other tutorials out there like this but its always acceptable to make your own, right? :)

Ok, so lets get started! 

Basically you want to be able to fold the original hem back, and to then have that line up with the ironed line on the back. Its a bit hard to see since the ironed line is under it, but if you think about it a little, it's all common sense. Comment if you don't get it! I might try to do a video or something.

   And you're done! :) Ask questions, comment and all that! Hope it wasn't confusing or anything!

   Ps... The container is coming from France soon! Sometime around the middle of October! Which means I get my twenty or so containers of fabric and craft supplies! Which will hopefully mean more blog posts :) So excited!

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Friday, August 31, 2012

My big news.

   Ok, so last week I told my few followers about how I would be needing to take a small break from my blog for a little bit. At the time I was unable to say why, but now, I am free to do so!

   I AM GOING HOME. Obviously my friends and family understand much better how excited this makes me. But I have missed Texas and all the people there so much this past year and a half. Trust me when I say that I am absolutely ecstatic. Originally, I thought I would be heading back home alone in April or so. Though, due to some family issues, my family decided last week to move back now. The reasons for moving back make this a bit bittersweet but I am still dying to see my friends, drive, and have my life back :) Due to the circumstances, we wanted to leave as soon as possible so we bought our tickets last week, and my mom, sister and I are leaving tomorrow morning! My dad is staying here for two more weeks to finish things up.

   I needed (and still need) to take a little break because I have been the one packing everything up for my family. My parents have alot of technical stuff to handle and my sister is pretty clueless as to how to pack up our whole house, so I have been in charge of all that. The hardest part for me was definitely packing up my craft room (sniff sniff...) We are going to have a container to ship our things back with us but that will take around six weeks or so. That's SIX WEEKS without my sewing machine!! :( Still unsure about how I will handle that... And still a little unsure about how I will be able to do projects for my blog until I get all my craft supplies back; but I'll have to be creative and find a way!

   Well, I just wanted to share this very exciting news in my life :) Please be patient with me as I try to figure out how this blog will play a role in my new life in Texas (since pretty much every aspect of it will be changed one way or the other). I am pretty excited about the millions of thrift stores and garage sales over there and the cheap fabric and craft supplies, hopefully my blog will prosper because of those things :)

   Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend!

Friday, August 24, 2012

a little pause.

   Hi, I hope everyone is doing well!
So the past few days for me have been insanely crazy. I would love to write a super long post about it but unfortunately I can't. Though in a few days I will explain a bit more! Though because of all this stuff, I think I am going to have to take a little break from my new blogging addiction. Which scares me a bit. I've worked pretty hard at trying to build my blog and I feel like if I stop being so consistent, I will lose the few followers I have. But I don't really have a choice :/ I should be back into things in a week or two though, so it's not too terrible. Though I can't say I know if I will be as consistent with posting as I usually am now. I really hope I will be because I have really had so much fun learning about this whole blogging world out here ;)
   Basically I just hope you few followers stick with me these next few weeks! And thanks so much for following me up to this point! I have gotten pretty addicted to my refresh button and I get pretty excited seeing the number of followers go up even just by one :)
   Hope everyone had a lovely week!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Diy 5 minute bows

   So the other day I needed a red hair bow for an outfit I was wearing. So I went to my craft room an got to making one. I found a new way to make them that only takes five minutes so I was pretty pleased :) I felt the need to share it on my blog so here it is! Feel free to change it up a bit. I usually like wearing my hair up in high buns and then having a big bow under it so the sizes here make a pretty large bow but you could easily make a small one. Hope you enjoy the tutorial! :)

   Rearrange it a little till it looks right, stick a large bobby pin through the back and then you're done!
If anything is unclear just leave a question in the comments section! Thank you for checking out my tutorial! :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My newest endeavor.

   As I have mentioned many times on this blog, I am trying to go back home to Texas some time early next year. As I have also mentioned many times, money is very very very tight. So, I am always trying to think of ways to earn extra cash so that I can save up for things like a car and such (since I will be going without my family). But of course, France feels the need to not allow me to work until I am 18.. So earning money hasn't really happened much except for the occasional babysitting job. I have had a few ideas like the one I am about to bring up, but I don't really go through with them. I'm always afraid it will be a complete failure which would be a bit embarrassing for me. But, since this blog is going a little better than I was expecting, and since I just really want to go home, I am putting myself out there, taking a chance, and going through with one of my ideas!

   I just started another blog called Comely Calligraphy. Basically if it goes as planned, I'll be fancying up envelopes and cards and such while bringing in a little bit of extra money. I realize that I am not at all close to being as talented as some of the professionals out there who do this. But I do think I am a whole lot cheaper. Which will hopefully be my edge.

   So please do check it out! The prices are cheap and approximate (I'm flexible and desperate;) and spread the word to any friends who might be having an upcoming wedding, birthday, shower, ect. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

diy ring holder from wine corks

So my mom came back from Texas this last weekend and, since everything is cheaper there (and I have amazing friends that sent me some stuff), I have alot more jewelry making stuff. Like chains and earring and ring bases and things like that. Which I am so excited about! One thing I've been wanting to do is make more rings, so I'm hopefully going to be doing some tutorials on that soon. But first, here is a diy for a ring holder so that you actually have a place for them! I have seen some tutorials using those foam hair rollers which sounds like a great idea. But I didn't have any and I hate buying things, but I thought of using wine corks and it worked just fine! Before I was gonna use used up glue stick cases. Because I had alot left from my book page wallpaper project that I saved, but I figured corks are more something that people save and do projects with. But be creative! I'm sure there are alot more things you could use to do this project.

   As I was doing this post, I thought of maybe not even covering the wine corks? If you are going for that look, I think it could be pretty. And of course, if your shoe box top isn't the right color, you can always paint it or cover it in fabric. Anyways, hope you guys try it out! And if you do, tell me how it goes!

   Hope everyone is having a great week :)