Thursday, July 5, 2012

diy iphone case

 Well yesterday I spent the majority of my time learning things about blogging and such so things look a little nicer on here. But I felt like I needed to post something because if I go too long without doing so, I am sure I will end up never doing it. Unfortunately it is pretty difficult to think of something original to post about. Soo I'll just let you guys see the project I did today! It isn't exactly a "diy" but more like a transformation kinda project. But personally I think the word diy is much more catchy (;
   Most people don't realize that acrylic paint will actually stay on something like an iphone case. I'm sure this depends on the materials it is made out of, but for my plastic/ rubber like case, it works great!

 *I tried using a foam paint brush this time but I prefer just using a normal small paint brush. It's easier to get around the edges. And just to warn you. you are going to need quite a few coats.
 *If you are afraid it is going to come off, you can always apply a coat or two of mod podge at the end! But I am not so sure it would be possible to take off and do again another time.
   Oh and for taking it off and painting it again... I just got some close to boiling water and soaked the case in it for about 15 minutes or so. after that its pretty easy to scrape off with a rough brush or something (or just your nails if you are as unprofessional as me :p ).

   This is how I painted it the last time. My favorite thing about this project is that you can keep doing it. This is my third time to do it and I only change it because I get bored easily (; And it lasts for a long time (at least I think. The first time I did it I kept it on for a few months and it never faded).

   I'd love to see a picture if you try it yourself! Feel free to make suggestions for improvements and such in the comments!


  1. This is a great idea! Although the cover I have has a see through back I'm thinking of making a picture that will sit in the back... (does that make sense?!)

    1. Haha yes it does! :) I wish I had a clear case, cause that seems a lot easier!

  2. such cool phone cases, makes me want an iphone even more :)


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