Friday, June 29, 2012

Diy floral clutch

   So yesterday evening I was reading an H&M fashion magazine while waiting for my laundry to finish and I saw the cutest little clutch kinda thing. (Here is the link for it if you'd like to see: ) I was reminded of some old glasses cases I had lying around in some boxes (I used to have glasses from like 3rd grade). Soo I ransacked all my old junk and found them! The one I picked seemed about the same size as the one in the magazine so I decided to take on this project! It's super easy and if you have some extra fabric, paint and any old or cheap glasses case, it's free!
*There are three paints in the picture but I really only used two. And feel free to paint it however you'd like! The way I did it, it ends up having a watercolor/painted look.
 *Before you apply the mod podge, it really doesn't look that great. So don't be discouraged if it isn't turning out as you would have liked. It will later! And ps. be careful not to mod podge it closed!

Thanks for checking out my tutorial! :) Leave comments and don't be afraid to ask questions! If you happen to do it yourself, I'd love it if you'd send me a picture of the outcome!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

diy bow headbands

   So I really just love bows and recently I have been loving headbands. I seem to have a growing collection of them both cause they're soo easy to make. So here is my version of making them!

   So I'm going to do two different kinds of bows and you can just choose which one you would like to do. One is more cutesy and the other more retro-ish.

1. Take the 15.5x4.5 strip, fold in half and then sew along the open edges. (make sure the good side of the fabric is inside and pin the edges if you need it. Oh and I used black thread so it's easier to see but make sure to match the thread and fabric!). Once finished, cut of the excess seam allowance, turn it right-side-out and then iron it so that the seam is in the middle.
2 Do the same with the 12x2 strip but you can skip the ironing if you're lazy like me (;
3. Now slip the elastic into the thin strip you just made and sew it onto the edges. (its ok if it's messy!)
4. Now we're going to connect the two strips. fold the rough edges of the big strip inside and iron. Then fold it around the elastic strip and then sew (by hand :/).

  So if you'd like, you can stop here and still have a great simple headband, or you can get creative and add the fun stuff.

   Now pick which bow you'd like to make! (bow B is simpler and faster, though neither of them are complicated)

  For bow A:
5. Take the 4.5x8 strip and do the same thing as in step 1.
6. and do the same with the 2x4 strip
7. Take the bigger strip and sew the rough ends together so you have a loop. 8. wrap the little strip around the flattened loop AND the headband (place the bow off to the side or in the middle as you'd like). Cut off the excess fabric and either hot or super glue it together or hand sew it. I usually just hand sew it.

  For bow B:
5. sew the two oddly shaped pieces together on the edges (good side inside!)but leave an about 1 in. opening.
6. Cut off excess, turn it right-side-out and then hand sew the gap together.
7. Now simple tie it with one knot where you'd like it on your headband!

   I hope you liked the tutorial! :) If you have any questions at all just comment and I'll do my best to answer!