Saturday, July 21, 2012

A day with my daddy :)

   So today I had a really great day! As I have mentioned before, my mom is off far away in Texas and my sister is at camp, so me and my dad are here by ourselves at our house. It being Saturday and my dad not working, we spent the day together.
   First off let me say that I have the best daddy in the entire world. He is the most loving, Godly, generous and selfless person I know. I am so thankful for having a dad like him. Just thought I should say that! He deserved some props after the fact that he gave up his Saturday for me ;)

   First off, I wake up to him coming into my room with 2 "pain au chocolat"s (or chocolate croissant thingys as I would say in English). Which was really sweet. I'm going to miss these heavenly croissants when I'm in Texas.
      Then we both went to a store called Emmaus. In France they don't really have many thrift stores and such but this store is the closest they have (and the only one I have seen). But goodness do I love it. They have absolutely everything there. If I had the money and an infinite amount of space, I'm sure I would buy half of the things there. But anyways. So my dad happily went there with me and waited patiently while I spent forever looking around and deciding what to buy.
   I absolutely love walking out of these kind of stores and feeling like you just found a million little treasures. Here's what I got today!
1. two little vases I'll use somewhere in my room - 1.50 €
2. the last book I'll need for my book page wall - 1€
3. an adorable watch (that you can't really see cause of how bright it is) - 5€
4. a pretty pin I would like to use as a necklace - 2€
5. and an odd, big safety pin with a bunch of charms. (not sure exactly how I'll use it but I'm sure I'll figure out something!) - 1€
6. and last but not least, this table for 6€.
As you can see it looks pretty awful. But I wanted a project and this was perfect! The top is orange and cream and it has an old/ retro ish kind of look I guess. My imagination helped me go through with buying it since there is really nothing very appealing about this thing. 
   So back to how great my daddy is. After we went home, he spent the entire evening helping me remove three coats of paint off this little nightmare of a table! If it wasn't for him I would have been at it for a week at least. Right not the table is just about finished. Hopefully my next post will be about its transformation (:

  Basically it was a pretty great day :)

Ps... I have now had 1,000 views of my blog since I started it last month! I know this really isn't much of an achievement but for me it is one none the less :)


  1. Aw this is so cute.

  2. Sweetest post ever! You do have the greatest daddy ever!! I miss y'all tons! :(

  3. Love reading about your great day! Cool pin with charm thingys

  4. Aw my dad will go shopping with me every once in a while too, he is so sweet! He'll wait forever while I try clothes on and then he helps me decide which things to buy. I can't believe how patient he is.

  5. You've got 1000 views in one month??? you're awesome!!!
    I found your blog yesterday, but I'm your faithful fan already! ^_____^
    Continue with what you do!!


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