Sunday, July 1, 2012

diy zipper bracelet

   Hi there! (if anyone is even out there haha)
   I've been trying to get a few tutorials and stuff on here so that when people visit my blog after seeing it on pinterest, or wherever, they might actually keep coming back. So my newest idea for a diy project was something I actually came up with a few months ago. I thought I would post it on here cause I haven't really seen anything similar. So I hope you like it! :)

*Note that the zipper can be missing the actual zipper part! I like this project cause you can use the leftovers of an other project where you might have used a zipper that was too large and that you cut off the excess. Projects where you turn trash into something usable are always the best! :)

1. Cut off the end of the zipper. And unless you think off another way of doing this, go ahead and cut off the other end as well. I've really only done this with old already used and cut zippers.
2. Pull the zipper apart into two.
3. Line the sides up so the teeth are all on the same side and then pin it together if you feel you need it.
4. (This step is really only to make the next easier so it's not exactly something you have to do. But I suggest doing it!) Just sew down the entire thing, with the teeth as close to the edge of the foot (that thing is called a foot, right?) as possible.

5. Now take your thread and needle and sew as close as you can along the side of the teeth of the zipper.
6. Leave a tiny bit for the seam allowance and then cut off the extra. (so yes, you cut off what you did in step 4)
7. Open up the zipper now and try to flatten it out a bit.
8. Flip it around and iron the seam open.

 9. Now look in the first picture.. The bracelet more to the right had 6 strands of embroidery floss and the one on the left had three. So choose what you prefer more but I would stick with no less than 3 strands and no more than 6.
10. Tie a knot to keep them all together and then place it in the middle like in the picture.
11. Now just start wrapping it around and into the gaps of the teeth! Here is where you can change it up a little. You can wrap it around the teeth in different ways or go over it twice or whatever you like!

Now for the most annoying part.
12. Take two pieces of elastic that are about 1 inch long or so. Sew a line across the edges and then do a zig-zag stitch over the edge to keep it from unraveling. 
13. Didn't mean to add a number to this picture so I guess just admire your lovely work here :p
14. Now take the bracelet and place one end about half way or in the middle of the elastic. Hand sew the elastic onto the bracelet. It is a little hard to avoid the teeth the whole time but it is important to still have it sewn well in the middle. Add another piece of elastic to the back and do the same thing. Then slip the other end of the bracelet into the two pieces and sew it all together like before. 
15. Lastly, sew the edges together by putting the needle between the teeth. I'm not sure if this changes much, but it seems like it would hold it all together better. 

And that's it! :)

*I haven't found a way to hold the bracelet together that I am really pleased with (as you can see it isn't the prettiest way to finish it off) so if you have any ideas or suggestions I would be happy to hear them!

If there is any confusion with the instructions just ask and if you take a go at it let me know how it goes in the comments! :)


  1. I simply love this idea! Funky chic... thanks for such a great tutorial too!

  2. you could try putting a giant hook and eye on the ends. I'm not clear on the way to add the elastic at the end. Perhaps a lighter color of zipper and elastic would do it for me...


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