Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I love projects that end well.

   As my title simply states.. I absolutely love when I start project (sewing ones in particular) and they end just as I would have liked or better. When I sew things, half of the time they don't end up working. So when something turns out great, I am super excited! Which explains how I feel right now!
   I was on pinterest today and I saw this pin. I really love this kind of style and so I was inspired to make something similar. Though, I drifted pretty far from my original idea, I am still really happy with the outcome! Basically I was planning on making the same thing but sleeveless and with a rounded peter pan collar instead of the pointed collar. But I ended up measuring badly and forgetting I was working with a not-at-all stretchy fabric and I had to make a few changes. You can see how it was a bit awkward and unflattering.. (This was before I added the bows on the front..)

   So after a little tweaking, this is what it turned into!  (and I decided to ditch the front bows.) Oh and don't judge me. I finished this pretty late and took these pictures around 4am here...

Shirt - diy
Shoes - Target & diy
Purse - diy
Watch - thrifted

   And I am pretty happy about the shoes as well! I have had these for years and I liked them but they really weren't my style.. But now I really love them :) And ps. I absolutely adore acrylic paint.

   Tutorial coming soon for the shirt! :) Tell me what you think of everything!


  1. Hello abigail!
    I'm a Spanish blogger. I discover your blog today and I like it so I'll follow you.
    If you want you can visit my site too.
    The shoes makeover is amazing!

    1. Thanks for following!
      Your blog looks really cute! :)

  2. Wow, I think I need to research acrylic paint now. So cute!

  3. Wow, everything turned out so cute! I want to start sewing stuff sometime but I'm afraid of my sewing machine, because it likes to eat fabric and then stop working.


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