Monday, July 9, 2012

diy stick art

    A little while ago, my 18 year old brother moved back to the states, leaving his wonderfully large room behind. So of course, me and my sister jumped at the opportunity of taking it over. So that same day we decided to share the room and we started to move in. But to us, having a new room is nothing if it isn't even cute. And our lack of funds to make the room cute has been a challenge, but so far we have come a long way and I'm hoping to be done with it by the end of this summer! Here are some pics..
The before before.
Still a before pic. but it shows a little bit of what we're doing in here! But unfortunately this isn't at all recent. This is the last picture I have taken but we have done a lot more to the room since then. Still haven't finished our book page wall :/
   So anyways. Basically I have been racking my brain, trying to find ways to decorate this space. It is really big and the unique ceiling and walls make it hard to put things on them. Slowly but surely, I have been coming up with ideas. So hopefully I will have lots of posts and diy's to show on here!
   Here's one of the last few things I've done. Just a simple, earthy and cozy something to put on a wall somewhere.
So here is how I did it!

 1. Find your sticks, cut them so they are all about the same length if needed. Then take your knife and strip off the first layer or two on the front of the sticks where you will write. (I would do this outside! It gets pretty messy.)
 2. Now somehow mark where you want the holes for your ribbon to go through. Then go ahead and drill them.
3. Next, take a pencil and write out what you would like and then go over it with the wood burner.
4. Once finished, just run the ribbon through the holes and tie a few knots at the end until it feels secure.

And you're done! :)
 Tell me what you think and/or how it goes if you try it! Thanks for reading :)

Ps. sorry for the picture quality. My mom is actually visiting the states and I usually use her iphone to take the pictures. Now I am stuck with my super cheap phone for a month :/

Have some leftover sticks? Click here to see what to do with them!

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