Tuesday, July 24, 2012

easy, no-crocheting, diy doily rug

    I have been wanting to make a rug for my bedroom for quite some time now. I have awful laundry room looking kind of tiles in my room and I hate them and I would love to cover them up as much as possible. I have started making rugs several times but either stopped cause they weren't working or simply cause I decided I no longer liked them. This doily rug that I made though is perfect! It doesn't exactly cover up the floor much but it is super cute and perfect for my room.
   I have seen doily rugs on pinterest before and I absolutely love them. But of course you have to know how to crochet and then you have to spend hours and hours making it.. And well, I am very impatient and so a doily rug always seemed to be out of my realm of capabilities. But after looking for different kinds of rugs I could make, I kept stumbling over the doily one. And then I had an idea of how to make a fake one! Of course it doesn't have the same charm and elegance of a real crocheted doily, but to be honest, my feet are just going to be stepping on it and making it dirty. Even if I had the skills, I wouldn't want to use them making a real doily for my feet considering how long it would take. So in my opinion, this alternative is perfect! :) And the best part.. It only took me about five hours! Which to me still seems kinda long but compared to the other rugs I have tried in the past, it's pretty good.

   Ok so the only thing you will need is a bunch of fabric and a sewing machine! You're going to start by making a base, and then you're going to wrap the base.
   For the base...
   It gets super messy (which is perfectly ok!) so I outlined what the shape is approximately so you could see it better. And all you do is sew a little line where they connect (the yellow lines in the picture).
   You can keep doing the same pattern or you can change it up however you would like! You can also change up the thickness of the strips to get different looks. Basically the only rule to follow here is to go by layers, starting from the middle.
   Ok so now that you have the base of your rug finished... (or before... as you can see in the last picture I was too impatient to wait :P but waiting is probably better in case you want to change something.) You are going to want to make a wholeee bunch of fabric strips. Mine were about an inch or so wide and 50 inches or so long.
   Once you have done that, you are basically going to use this knot over and over again to wrap the whole rug. I am not sure what the knot is called but here it is!
   I made this two colors so it was easier to follow but you will just use one strip! But ya, you just repeat that a million times and that's all it is! Super simple and easy. (and oops for messing up the numbering :/ )
   Again, go by layers, starting from the middle. When it comes time to switch from one loop to another, here is what I came up with that helped hold it together better...
   Once you're done with one strip, just knot the next strip over the ends so they are tucked inside. At the end you will have a few ends that poke out, just tuck them in somewhere.

   A little while later this is what you will have! :)

   If there is any confusion at all, ask as many questions as you would like in the comments. Let me know if you try it out! If you email me a picture, I'd love to share it on here!

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  1. this is awesome!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!! You are a genius!!! I found you over on Sumo Sweet Stuff and I'm definitely your newest follower! I've also wanted a doily rug but I don't know how to crochet, so I knew I couldn't do it. This is perfect!


  3. I would love it if you would share this post on the Waste not Want Not Wednesday @ Pretty Shabby UK! I really think my readers will enjoy it!


    Many Thanks

    Dawn @ Pretty Shabby Uk

  4. OMGOSH, Just happend on your cute lil' site! I would LOVE to see how you do this on a YOUTUBE video. Is that possible? I can't find any video like this on there.


    1. I would love to! But unfortunately I can't any time soon :/ But if you're able to wait a week or two I'll do my best to post one on here! :)


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