Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hemming your jeans while keeping original hem!

   Hey everybody! I'm back! Well sort of.. I would love to be but I'm still not sure as to how often I will be able to post :( But me and family are back in Texas! We are renting a house for now, we have cars for my parents, my dad is back at his old job,  me and my sister have been in school.. Things are going pretty well! Anddd I have my first job! I am very excited! I am starting at Spring Creek sometime this week :) Which brings me to this tutorial! I bought a pair of  jeans for me to wear to work but because  of my short self, they were in desperate need of hemming. So I hemmed them and thought I would make a tutorial of it in the process! I know there are other tutorials out there like this but its always acceptable to make your own, right? :)

Ok, so lets get started! 

Basically you want to be able to fold the original hem back, and to then have that line up with the ironed line on the back. Its a bit hard to see since the ironed line is under it, but if you think about it a little, it's all common sense. Comment if you don't get it! I might try to do a video or something.

   And you're done! :) Ask questions, comment and all that! Hope it wasn't confusing or anything!

   Ps... The container is coming from France soon! Sometime around the middle of October! Which means I get my twenty or so containers of fabric and craft supplies! Which will hopefully mean more blog posts :) So excited!

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