Friday, July 27, 2012

diy book page wallpaper

   It feels like it has been a while, though I think it has just been two or three days.. Despite the fact that I have very few people who actually follow my blog, I want to post regularly and often.. I had two projects planned that I wanted to post about but unfortunately they didn't turn out. Apparently mod podge doesn't work to hold together those cute doiley light fixtures and apparently you shouldn't trust me with a hammer and nails and some wood... But I had time to fiiinally finish my book page wall! I am so excited! :) So I thought I could use this as a post until I found a more creative and fun project.

   If you want to try it is super easy and cheap. I used four (and barely any of a fifth) old books which cost about 10-12 euros all together. And about 20(?) glue sticks. Which ya is alot... but it is easiest to find here and it's convenient and doesn't smell terrible. So in all I would estimate that I spent less than 20 euros.
   Here are a few tips...
    - Tear the pages out of the books and mix them together before you start. That way your wall has an even amount of pages from each book. Also, if you are planning on using pictures, place them all in a separate pile so you can add them when you see fit.
   -  Start from a corner. And stick with it. Go in rows horizontally from that corner and once a row is done just start from that corner again but below the pages you just did. If not, you will get little spaces like in the picture below. Not doing so won't end up being a huge deal I don't think, but it looks better not to.

   - Apply the glue on the pages rather than the wall.
   - For the edges simple use a sharp pair of scissors or a rolling blade. But for the pages near a corner or edge, apply the glue to the wall. That way your page won't stick somewhere you don't want it.

I have had the majority of the wall done for quite some time now and I haven't had any problems with it coming of or anything. Well I take that back. My sister is apparently a very violent sleeper; she has managed to take off a few pages while she sleeps. But for me, it hasn't been an issue. If you need to take it off, there will be a little bit of paper residue left but I think with some water and a sponge, it would come off easily.

Ya I know.. I hate that radiator :/
   I'm soo glad to finally be done with this :) Let me know if you try it out!


  1. Very cool! I guess you could use wallpaper glue, but I am not sure.

  2. Ah ha!!! That's where my little pink scissors went!!! ;) (only slightly joking...)

  3. This is so pretty! I´m doing miniature interior design as a hobby and I will try this in a miniature scale, and post on my blog later =) I really love it!

    Have a nice day!


  4. Your wall looks fabulous, so creative! I've got this linked to my wallpapers post too today, for inspiration1

  5. I have this god-awful cork wall in the apt I am renting (it is supposed to absorb the sound from my neighbors, the landlord said, but it doesn't work), and this is JUST the solution I am looking for! Brilliant! I will post my results when they are done! Thank you! I will be following your blog.

  6. Thanks so much for this tutorial! It helped me start this very same project on my own wall. Check out my post to see what I have accomplished so far:

  7. I'd use wallpaper glue as well... I would also give it a coat of varnish for a nice shine!

  8. I love it ... came across looking for advice how to create wallpaper out of old streetmaps :-). I'm still collecting, I hope it works out.


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