Monday, July 16, 2012

diy state string art countdown / going home! (:

   So if you have read my about me page, you know that I am from Texas but have moved to France a little over a year ago. Well my parents and I are planning on sending me back over there in April of next year for my senior year and for college. I am probably just about the most excited person in the world! I am absolutely ecstatic about seeing my friends again! C:
   I have always been big on countdowns. Don't ask me why, I just like them. So this event most definitely deserves a countdown in my book. I made this actually a few weeks ago, before I started this blog. Originally I was using chalk to write the numbers, but it was already starting to stain the board white and so I decided I needed another option. So last night I got some card stock and paint and ended up with these! Personally I think it is much cuter and more practical.
   There are several tutorials that I have seen through pinterest on how to do the string art part but if you'd like to try and have any questions as to how I did it, feel free to ask! Oh and be creative! You could easily switch out the Texas shape for something that has to do with a vacation, wedding, birthday, or a baby's due date incase you aren't moving back home after two years like me ;)

 My poor sister... She has a bit more to go than me... But considering that we share a room, I figured it would be better to make her a countdown as well.

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  1. i cannot wait to see you again! i miss you like crazy every day! this is awesome!


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