Monday, July 16, 2012

diy fabric wrapped frames

   Hi anyone who is out there! :)
   So my sister is gone at camp for two weeks, and my mom is still in the states, which leaves me at home all day alone until my dad gets home from work. So basically that means I have two weeks of constant diy-ing and all that fun stuff :). I am hoping to finish my room by the end of this week and then move onto organizing/decorating my craft room. But anyways, today I accomplished a pretty good amount of stuff! Here is one of the project I consumed my time with the most. I am fully aware that this isn't my idea or anything. I know I've seen it on pinterest several times before but this is just what I am doing in my own room.
Ps. Once I finish my room, I will try to post some pictures of it all together. But until then, each of my projects will just be separate posts without showing exactly how I am going to be using it in my room.
   Thanks for reading!

 Start by picking a corner on the back and put a dot of glue there.
 Place a strip of fabric on the dot and then just wrap it around the frame while gently yet firmly pulling it tightly around the whole frame.
Once a strip runs out, simply start again from the back and then start wrapping like before!

Once you're finished you can use your hot glue gun to fix up the corners a little bit and/or anywhere else that might need it. Super easy and it has a really cozy and home-y feel to it :)

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  1. Love it!! :)
    I just made a few frames wrapped in fabric ( waiting for them to dry as i'm typing this :) )!! I'll be posting abt it on my blog soon ;)



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