Friday, August 31, 2012

My big news.

   Ok, so last week I told my few followers about how I would be needing to take a small break from my blog for a little bit. At the time I was unable to say why, but now, I am free to do so!

   I AM GOING HOME. Obviously my friends and family understand much better how excited this makes me. But I have missed Texas and all the people there so much this past year and a half. Trust me when I say that I am absolutely ecstatic. Originally, I thought I would be heading back home alone in April or so. Though, due to some family issues, my family decided last week to move back now. The reasons for moving back make this a bit bittersweet but I am still dying to see my friends, drive, and have my life back :) Due to the circumstances, we wanted to leave as soon as possible so we bought our tickets last week, and my mom, sister and I are leaving tomorrow morning! My dad is staying here for two more weeks to finish things up.

   I needed (and still need) to take a little break because I have been the one packing everything up for my family. My parents have alot of technical stuff to handle and my sister is pretty clueless as to how to pack up our whole house, so I have been in charge of all that. The hardest part for me was definitely packing up my craft room (sniff sniff...) We are going to have a container to ship our things back with us but that will take around six weeks or so. That's SIX WEEKS without my sewing machine!! :( Still unsure about how I will handle that... And still a little unsure about how I will be able to do projects for my blog until I get all my craft supplies back; but I'll have to be creative and find a way!

   Well, I just wanted to share this very exciting news in my life :) Please be patient with me as I try to figure out how this blog will play a role in my new life in Texas (since pretty much every aspect of it will be changed one way or the other). I am pretty excited about the millions of thrift stores and garage sales over there and the cheap fabric and craft supplies, hopefully my blog will prosper because of those things :)

   Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend!


  1. How lovely! This is great news for you indeed! Hope your move goes well and that you have a fab time seeing all of your friends. I do hope you keep up the blogging though, I've only just added you to my blogs that I follow and it would be a shame to stop, especially since it's so pretty and you have great posts!



  2. This is fantastic news for you! I hope everything goes to plan and you get home smoothly without dramas, along with your belongings. I'm looking forward to your blogging again! I'm sure you will have a lot of places to go for inspiration and supplies. ;)
    Look forward to seeing you here again soon...

  3. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I linked to your blog in my latest post. I covered my bulletin board in book pages after being inspired by your book page wall. :)

    Moving can be stressful, so I hope all is going well. :)


  4. Thanks for all the support! We arrived here safely a few hours ago. And I am for sure going to have to keep up blogging. I have been too excited about all the extra crafting stuff they have here not to!


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