Saturday, August 4, 2012

I love thrift shopping.

   Hello! :)
   Today I took a trip to a thrift store with my sister and dad and I am sooo happy with what I found! Thrift stores are always fun cause one week you go and you find tons of stuff and the next you leave with nothing. But today was one of those days where I had to let go of a few of my great finds and just pick my favorites. Here is what I found!

   So the vest was about to be left on the rack but I figured for 1.50 I might as well. And the shorts are super cute. Just in need of a few alterations. I've been wanting to get my wardrobe ready for this fall and winter now, while I have a whole lot of extra time (I'm even in the middle of crocheting myself a scarf ;) ). I'm imagining wearing tights with at least the tan shorts (they are actually darker in person and more fall-ish). And I love any and all sweaters for fall and winter so these things were great :)
   I saved the best for last... :)

   So at first glance they are already worth 3 euros in my opinion...  But what I found out makes them soo much better! They are really nice looking shoes and I was curious how much they were originally sold for. I looked the brand up online and found that they no longer sell these exact pair of shoes anymore but that all of their women's shoes are between 119-201 British pounds. Just to give you an idea.. 150 pounds is equal to $234! I am soo happy I found them and took them before anyone else did! This find made my day :)


  1. I thrift, too :) once, we got a prom dress for $10, stilettos for $2 and a cute old suitcase for $2. I love when you find something awesome for cheap!

    1. That's amazing! And I know, it's the best feeling ever! :)

  2. I love thrift shopping too. I bought some boots last year for $15, not quite the steals you can find overseas. But I looked them up online and they sell for $300!


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