Friday, August 24, 2012

a little pause.

   Hi, I hope everyone is doing well!
So the past few days for me have been insanely crazy. I would love to write a super long post about it but unfortunately I can't. Though in a few days I will explain a bit more! Though because of all this stuff, I think I am going to have to take a little break from my new blogging addiction. Which scares me a bit. I've worked pretty hard at trying to build my blog and I feel like if I stop being so consistent, I will lose the few followers I have. But I don't really have a choice :/ I should be back into things in a week or two though, so it's not too terrible. Though I can't say I know if I will be as consistent with posting as I usually am now. I really hope I will be because I have really had so much fun learning about this whole blogging world out here ;)
   Basically I just hope you few followers stick with me these next few weeks! And thanks so much for following me up to this point! I have gotten pretty addicted to my refresh button and I get pretty excited seeing the number of followers go up even just by one :)
   Hope everyone had a lovely week!

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