Thursday, July 19, 2012

diy recipe book

   I was on bloglovin' the other day and I saw this recipe book from A Beautiful Mess. I thought it was super cute and it looked fun to make. Unfortunately I don't cook at all. I am terrible at it. Though, I do have a few recipes that I always look at in my mom's cookbooks. I was thinking since once I leave in a few months I won't be able to look at them anymore, that that makes a good enough reason to make this cute little book :)

 I ended up using an old notebook and I just covered it with some magazine pictures I found, instead the way they did it in the recipe book I pointed out earlier. 
 I thought the tabs looked really cute but unfortunately the only thing I ever make are sweets haha soo instead of having the common categories, I just made them the ones that I use the most. Even if they are pretty much the only ones in there at this point :P
So ya :) lots of paper, glue and tape, a few pictures and voila!
   Most of them were recipes that I copied by hand but I added some stuff from magazines as well.

  I'm hoping to keep adding to it and someday end up with a super cute, full and handmade recipe book. I'm really happy with mine and it would be a really cute homemade gift! You should try it out :)


  1. Super cute. When u come next summer maybe u can help me make one for all my crazy recipes :)

    1. I would love to! :) And I'm gonna have so much fun being around your kids all the time! There are a lot of projects I would love to try but unfortunately I'm a bit too old for them haha


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